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Dr Larry Barton

Dr Larry Barton, PhD

Distinguished University Professor of Crisis Management and Public Safety at the University of Central Florida (UCF)

Dr Larry Barton is one of the world’s leading experts in crisis management and threat assessment. He serves as the Distinguished University Professor of Crisis Management and Public Safety at the University of Central Florida (UCF). Prior to this post, he served as President and CEO of The American College from 2003-2013. For the past 14 years, Dr Barton has remained the highest rated instructor at The FBI Academy and US Marshals Service where he teaches courses in threat evaluation to federal and state law enforcement.

Dr Barton designs strategies and solutions addressing workplace violence prevention and crisis mitigation. This includes presentations, 24/7 evaluative services and ongoing training. He is a frequent commentator on television networks during and after incidents of public violence for CNN, the BBC, CNBC and other news outlets.

The author of four best-selling books on crisis response, his work, Crisis Leadership Now (McGraw-Hill) was voted one of the Best Business Books of the Year by Soundview Executive Books. That work is now used in over 340 training programs globally and is available at Amazon.com. 

Keynote session

The dynamic realities of crisis management and casinos: Prevention and oversight in the midst of chaos

Gaming regulators often find themselves under scrutiny, with public expectations for answers, after a crisis impacts a casino: what did you know, when did you know it, and what did you do about it? Even the most seasoned and informed regulatory bodies are often unprepared when legislators, the news and social media and the public begins to demand answers after a crisis. 

This session will focus not on the legislation that governs casino operations, but on the people side - the topics we rarely discuss - so you will be more informed and prepared to effectively address questions in a world of often immediate scrutiny of you and your organisations. 

What lessons have we learned when casinos and their licensing authorities have faced issues of workplace violence, embezzlement by employees and management, radicalization, organised crime and extortion efforts, allegations of unsafe working conditions and numerous other critical incidents?

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