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John Braithwaite

Professor John Braithwaite, B.A. (University of Queensland), Ph.D (University of Queensland)

Distinguished Professor, College of Asia and the Pacific, ANU College of Asia and the Pacific

John Braithwaite is a Professor and Founder of RegNet (the Regulatory Institutions Network) at the Australian National University.

He has been working since 2004 on a 25-year comparative project called 'Peacebuilding Compared', with various co-authors and  Camille McMahon. He works on a variety of areas of business regulation and on the crime problem. His best known work is on the ideas of responsive regulation and restorative justice.

John Braithwaite has been active in social movement politics around these and other ideas for 50 years in Australia and internationally. His most recent book is 'Pharmaceuticals, Corporate Crime and Public Health' (2014) co-authored with G. Dukes and J.P. Moloney.

Keynote session

Responsive regulation of gambling

Surprisingly often, hospitals make ridiculously bad medical errors. When they did this, their lawyers used to advise them not to admit anything. Now many hospitals apologise to patients as soon as possible and often involve patients in root cause analysis meetings to prevent this kind of bad practice from happening again. Their experience is that this reduces litigation costs by one third and makes hospitals safer. What can gambling providers and gambling regulators learn from this? Restorative justice will be discussed as one arrow in the gambling regulator’s quiver in John Braithwaite’s lecture. Restorative justice can sometimes sharpen the Sword of Damocles that a regulator holds over the head of a non-compliant firm. Sometimes jumping straight to a punitive regulatory response can blunt the Sword of Damocles.

How can gambling regulators get this right? How can regulators make the right decisions on when to punish and when to persuade? When should compliance be coaxed and caressed through capacity building and when should it be coerced? What about carrots and sticks in gambling regulation? Responsive regulation is one approach to integrating answers to these questions into a coherent compliance strategy. John will talk about the evidence for and against responsive regulation in other domains of regulation. He will discuss whether responsive pyramids of regulatory strategies and sanctioning sequences might be a helpful way of thinking about gambling regulation. 


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