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Kim Mouridsen

Kim Mouridsen, PhD

Professor in Neuroinformatics, Aarhus University | Founder, Mindway AI

Kim Mouridsen, PhD, is Professor in Neuroinformatics at Aarhus University in Denmark and founder of Mindway AI.

Kim has previously worked at Harvard Medical School and University College in London. He has also founded Cercare Medical, a Philips Global Healthcare Breakthrough winner offering artificial intelligence-based decision support for treating acutely ill patients at hospitals.

Kim has led development of technologies integrating neuroscience and artificial intelligence for early detection of problem gambling behaviour and intervention.

Session and panel discussion

Artificial intelligence and the impact on gaming – including regulator, operator, supplier and test labs perspective

Various industries and sectors around the world rely increasingly on the use of big data and AI to promote efficiencies in delivering products and services to their various markets. The gaming industry is no exception. In fact, being a games-driven industry, it has found itself in the middle of the AI led transformation which is having a profound impact on how the gaming industry is being managed and operated.

The role of AI in the gaming industry is by no means limited to just online gaming anymore but extends to every gaming vertical (i.e. casinos, lotteries, betting, bingo) delivered through both the online and offline channels. AI varies widely from predicting more accurately the outcomes of event-based games to better understanding and managing risks associated with sports betting; preventing cheating within casinos; and improving customer services. 

The big question is whether AI can become a useful tool in monitoring, highlighting and preventing addictive behaviour, an area which all gaming operators battle with.

This session and panel discussion, with André Wilsenach and Lloyd Danzig, will delve into all this and more. 

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