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GameScanner is the first responsible gambling solution to have its performance on detecting at-risk and problem gamblers tested and validated in a sample by GLI. This new test performed by GLI may very well change the way we look at RG tools and their credibility.

There are many different kinds of RG tools available and finding out which ones are reliable and accurate can be quite a challenge. RG tools have to be able to grasp the complexity and diversity of gambling disorder in order to identify the real at-risk and problem gamblers. This complexity needs to be reflected in the technology that is used to identity problem gamblers. Applying traditional risk markers, such as amount of money and time spent don’t do the job as they aim at defining a complex condition with simple objective markers that don’t necessarily correlate with gambling problems. Instead an inside-out approach that aims at understanding at multiple levels what goes on in the process of developing problem gambling leverages a higher accuracy in detecting at-risk and problem gambling. Mindway AI is applying the inside-out approach in their GameScanner by combining:

  • neuroscientific research, looking at brain mechanisms via brain scans
  • psychological assessments, understanding gambling behavior cognitively and
  • artificial intelligence, integrating the above to analyze tremendous amounts of data, and
  • detecting the complex interrelation in a vast number of gambling and problem gambling characteristics.

In a sample test performed by GLI®, the performance claims of the research-based GameScanner solution have been tested and verified to perform at almost the same level as human psychologist assessments (please see the claims below). This opens up a whole new opportunity in the gaming industry to apply an RG tool that has been tested and validated to perform as claimed. Additionally, it shows regulators as well as operators what is possible to achieve through the use of state-of-the-art technology.

Gaming Laboratories International® (GLI) is the gaming industry’s leading testing and assessment company that provides gaming regulators, operators and suppliers with certification and testing with the highest level of independence and integrity. GLI has performed a sample test of the GameScanner solution in August 2020 and verified the claims set forth by Mindway AI about its performance.

At least 99% of subjects manually assessed as potential problem gamblers are classified as either at-risk or potential problem gamblers by GameScanner.”


“At least 88.5% of subjects manually assessed as potential problem gamblers are classified as potential problem gamblers by GameScanner.”

The company behind GameScanner, Mindway AI, constantly strives to improve player protection and the sustainability of gambling while keeping gambling fun and entertaining. GameScanner is part of the Mindway Solution Suite that offers a range of solutions to ensure gambler protection through the synergy of highly advanced artificial intelligence, neuroscience and expert ratings. Implemented at iGaming operator sites and platforms, GameScanner automatically monitors and analyzes every event of every gambler 24-7-365, resulting in profiling of gamblers according to their risk level. GameScanner will alert operators when the algorithm detects that gambling gets out of hand, allowing for intervention in the 1-2% of gamblers for whom gambling becomes a problem. Also, it provides insight into all gamblers’ data, providing operators with a 360° view of their entire customer database in a fully automated fashion.

About Mindway AI:

Mindway AI is an award-winning software company that creates innovative and advanced tech solutions for fully automatic 24-7-365 monitoring and profiling of gamblers, identifying at-risk and problem gambling. Based on neuroscience and artificial intelligence, Mindway AI works with gambling operators, platform providers, regulators and governments to supply state-of-the-art early detection and intervention solutions for safer gambling.

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