IAGR President, Trude Felde's July message

IAGR President, Trude Felde's July message

By IAGR Media

Dear colleagues,

I write to you in the midst of our European summer, which has been a warm one so far.

Gambling research is undoubtedly the central theme in this edition of eNews. And in the first of our news stories, we speak to the UK Gambling Commission about recently released statistics on the impact of gambling advertising on young people. This follows on from the news that it’s estimated about 55,000 young people in the UK have a problem with gambling.

The challenges of evidence-based policy

Research is the backbone of any evidence-based regulatory approach. But with technology and the gambling sector advancing in increasingly larger strides, this has made it harder for regulators to make evidence-informed decisions without dampening innovation through extended delay or risk aversion.

As part of our keynote sessions at IAGR2019, two research experts, Aisling Ni Chonaire (Behavioural Insights Team) and Jack Wilson (2CV Research) will be sharing new insights into how and why people gamble. Both presenters preview their session in our feature story  in this edition of eNews.

Skill, chance or a bit of both?

A lack of behavioural research is no more evident than in emerging forms of gambling, such as skills-based games. In our Research Spotlight, Dr Sally Gainsbury from University of Sydney’s Gambling Treatment and Research Clinic, talks about the need for data on these new games to help regulators make informed policy decisions.

Julian Hoskins, from Senet Legal, explores the legal and regulatory considerations of skills-based gaming in our Legal Update.

Giving banks credit where it’s due

Financial institutions have a big role to play in promoting responsible gambling. Australia’s banking giant, Macquarie Bank recently announced it will block credit payments used for gambling. This is the first ban of its type by one of the country’s ‘big 4’ banks, and there’s hope that other banks follow suit.

Read our interview with the NSW Office of Responsible Gambling about this announcement.

Positive peer interaction at IAGR2019

As gaming regulators, bouncing ideas off our peers in other jurisdictions is a valuable way to improve our regulatory approaches at home. And with online gambling starting to erode jurisdictional boundaries in some continents, building these connections has never been so important.

IAGR’s annual conference is – in my opinion – the best yearly opportunity regulators have to network and build contacts within the regulatory community.

There will be ample opportunity to chat and network with gaming regulators, legal advisers, security experts, researchers, operators and more. We have a number of engaging social events planned such as our opening reception, gala dinner, night tours of Montego Bay and pre-event golf day.

As we have limited spaces this year, book as soon as you can to secure your spot.

Thank you. And welcome.

Earlier in July, we farewelled Mariah Echelle, who has diligently managed our secretariat function since 2012.

On behalf of myself and the IAGR Board of Trustees, I would like to thank Mariah for her huge contribution to making IAGR the organisation it is today. It’s been a delight working with you and best of luck with your new business venture.

I’m pleased to announce that Full Scope Management, based in USA, has been appointed to manage IAGR’s Secretariat function following Mariah’s departure.

Michelle and Mikel from Full Scope Management bring a wealth of experience in association management, and have managed North America Gaming Regulators Association (NAGRA)’s communications and secretariat function since 2018.

The IAGR Board of Trustees also recently farewelled Cedrick Chiloane of Mpumalanga Economic Regulator (South Africa), who has served as Board Secretary since 2016. Thank you Cedrick for your commitment to advancing gaming regulation internationally.

We are currently finalising the appointment of a new Board Secretary and will advise all members shortly.

Speak with you in September.

Trude Høgseth Felde

IAGR President

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