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Mr Jason Lane, Chief Executive of The Jersey Gambling Commission

Jason Lane is the Chief Executive of the Jersey Gambling Commission, and has proudly held this position since the inception of the Commission.

Given the uniqueness of Jersey from a governance, geographical, historical and industry perspective it has unique gambling regulatory challenges.  Given Jason’s significant career in the regulatory space he has the experience to meet the challenges this little island with a big history throws his way.

Jason started his career as a gaming regulator in 2001 within the Jersey Civil Service. As part of governmental reforms in 2003 gambling became part of the Economic Development Department and Jason took responsibility for a wider set of regulatory functions as Director of Regulatory Services. Jason held this role until 2010 when he left the civil service to lead the Commission.

Aside from regulation, Jason has served as a Board Member of the Jersey Police Authority since its creation, and is the current Chair. As such he has oversight of business and performance management within the States of Jersey Police. 

Jason has degrees in Politics, International Studies and a PhD in Policing. He is a past Chair of the Gaming Regulators European Forum (GREF) and has been a Trustee of IAGR since October 2018.



Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands, which also include Guernsey and Alderney, and while a British dependency lies closely to the coast of France.

Each island has its own gaming legislation and licensing regime. Jersey's three-person Gambling Commission was formed to serve as the regulator shortly after the passage of online gambling legislation in 2005.

Jersey has significant history from the ice age, through the middle ages and into the 20th century.  Just 9 miles by 5 miles the island’s main industry is tourism. Its independent governance arrangements also make Jersey an attractive locale for taxation purposes.

The Jersey tourism page notes: ‘We even have our own language. Our own currency. Our own laws. Our own legendary knitted jumpers. Our own famous potatoes. Our own celebrated dairy cows. Making us unexpectedly independent and deliciously unique. Now, isn’t that worth experiencing? Discover what makes our little island so big on spirit.’

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