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Ofwa Mary Alide LL.M. International Human Rights Law (Essex), LL.B. (Hons) Mx.

Director of Legal Services and Company Secretary, National Lotteries Board/Malawi Gaming Board and Secretary, International Assocation of Gambling Regulators

Ofwa Mary Alide plays a key role within the legal community and the gambling regulation sector locally in Malawi, as well as having an impact internationally through her role as Secretary to IAGR. 

Ofwa Mary Alide is the Director of Legal Services and Company Secretary for the National Lotteries Board and Malawi Gaming Board and was appointed as IAGR Secretary in 2005. Ofwa’s extensive regulatory and legal experience is complemented by her expertise in human rights law and her charitable contributions toward prisoner support programmes.

Malawi describes itself as the ‘warm heart of Africa’ and for one of the continent’s smallest countries has an economic, ecological and cultural dynamic that is to be envied. 

Malawi is a year-round tourism destination within sub-Saharan Africa that boasts three diverse regions famed for spectacular landscape, wildlife and culture. The country’s population is just over 19 million represented by 12 different cultural groupings. Politically stable with a democratic multi-party Westminster system of Government, its legislative and policy structures support a vibrant tourism industry that includes a small but growing gaming and lottery industry. This industry not only provides employment within the local community but is a major contributor to social and economic development within those communities.

The Malawi Gaming Board aims to ensure a dynamic, vibrant and well-regulated gaming and lottery industry that brings meaningful economic benefit to the country. It was established to regulate gaming, control and license gaming premises; to impose and collect tax on gaming; and further to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the Gaming Act No,26, 1996).

Ofwa has played a major part in the development of the legal and policy structures that underpin the industry within Malawi. She attributes her role as having provided her with the opportunity to impact positively on the economic growth within her local community and region, particularly for enabling women to access employment and business opportunities. 

While the opportunity to play a role within an international organisation such as IAGR allows Ofwa to extend and grow her skills. Of additional benefit the international networking provides her with the ability to increase the profile of the Malawi gaming industry and Malawi as a tourism destination.

Like all of us, Ofwa is concentrating on helping her family and local community to stay safe and well, during the Covid-19 pandemic and looks forward to when we move past this difficult time.

Thinking to the future, she encourages everyone to think about visiting Malawi when we are all free to travel again.  

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