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It was a great privilege to commence in the role after a remarkably busy and successful year working with outgoing President Trude Felde.

While we are hurtling towards the end of the year, I’m braced and excited for what I think will be a big 2020 ahead of us.

Trustees are anxious to progress our strategic planning and ensure we resolve IAGR’s refreshed direction and focus, building on its strong foundations to ensure it’s best positioned to lead gambling regulation into the future.

Discussions around our strategic direction are ongoing and trustees are considering different avenues IAGR could take to advance efficient and effective gambling regulation globally. While IAGR’s annual conference is recognised as an unrivalled event for regulators and industry stakeholders on the increasingly crowded international conference calendar, IAGR has the potential to grow its reach and impact and capacity to influence gambling policy and regulatory practice to help shape a secure, vibrant, safe, responsible and sustainable industry.

A key decision is around how, and by what mechanism, do we best advance efficient and effective gambling regulation and how must IAGR posture itself to achieve this. The gambling regulatory space is complex and issues rich, with tremendous potential for greater international collaboration and I believe IAGR can play a key role in enhancing public policy and regulatory outcomes globally.

What does IAGR leadership in this space look like going forward and what might it involve:

  • public policy advocacy
  • establishing international best practice or safe harbour standards
  • advancing common standards and practices towards greater harmonisation
  • competency and accreditation for regulatory professionals 
  • jurisdictional regulatory evaluations
  • education delivery 
  • regulatory recruitment
  • exchanges
  • gambling research
  • exploring partnerships to extend reach

While trustees are grappling with these questions, I’m confident whatever course we ultimately take, IAGR’s contribution and impact will continue to grow and our role leading the world in gambling regulation is secure.

I’m also excited for #IAGR2020, themed Disrupting the regulator: sparking innovation in regulatory practice, being hosted by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission in Boston over the week 20 - 25 September. Expect presentations about harnessing innovation to advance the regulatory craft and ensure we are best utilising technology to secure industry integrity and protect vulnerable players while also achieving efficient and effective regulation.

We have recently issued our call for speakers and I ask that you circulate this widely through your networks and promote it on social media to help build awareness and attract more leading speakers in 2020. Also if you have any suggestions about sessions or possible keynote speakers for #IAGR2020 please speak with a member of the Conference Sub-Committee, led by our Vice President Mabutho Zwane, or email

I look forward to building on the achievements of Trude and previous presidents and working with trustees to engage and excite our regulatory community and stakeholders to advance our leadership of gambling regulation and spark innovation in regulatory practice with you in 2020.


Paul Newson


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