An Update from The International Center for Gaming Regulation

An Update from The International Center for Gaming Regulation

By IAGR Media

As of this writing, our industry is in various stages of re-opening and going through the exploration of finding new and creative ways of dealing with Covid-19. No one could have predicted how completely and directly the virus has impacted our industry. Convening, gathering, eating, drinking, enjoying the shared experience of casinos and integrated resorts are the cornerstones of the gaming experience – and the exact match, it seems, for the virus’ grip. Around the world, with varying degrees of newly minted health and safety strategies, the industry cautiously re-opens with anticipation and the pressure of getting it right. There is much at stake.

One thing is for certain, we will find a way. Early in March, I recall speaking with industry regulators, operators and manufacturers from around the world. No one was panicking. In fact, many were drawing from their prior experiences of the closing and reopening processes they had used due to new construction, extensive remodels, floods, hurricanes and government disruptions. Having led both gaming operator and manufacturing companies, I have been truly impressed by the regulatory community and its flexibility, adaptiveness and eye towards the bigger picture. The balance of preserving the core regulatory mission, along with the economic reality of restarting a completely shuttered segment of the global economy is tricky ground. The awareness and reasonability demonstrated as the industry reboots is truly encouraging. “We’ve done this before and we’ll come out of it stronger” has been a common theme. I concur. We’ll be forced to greater operating efficiencies, creativeness and work harder at taking care of our customers. We’ll get back to the business of making sure that we don’t take good times for granted.

As for the ICGR, over the last three months we’ve been entrenched in updating and transitioning for the on line delivery of our educational offerings. This transition has been liberating. There is no doubt that an in person experience in Las Vegas offered a great deal of upside. However, our ability to deliver the same content and educational experience via the new normal of on-line learning has transitioned us to a much more efficient and cost effective delivery model for our customers.

We continue to expand our offerings to include compliance, iGaming, and gaming technology courses. Our multi-day, deep dive seminar format, offer in-depth learning in disciplines and topical matters of importance to the gaming industry. We accomplish this by bringing together the most experienced industry practitioners combined with UNLV’s Boyd School Of Law, IGI and ICGR faculty members. For over 25 years, the IGI has been the only academic institutes in the world that have focused on the gaming industry. As its sister institute, the ICGR leverages the breadth and depth of that experience. The ICGR also continues to provide a forum for candid discussion and collaboration between regulators, operators, manufacturers and academics through our forums and roundtables.

We’re thankful for the continued support of our programs and look forward to reconnecting with you in the near future. Please feel free to reach out to me with any ideas or thoughts relating to our course offerings and programs.


Joe Bertolone

Executive Director

The International Center for Gaming Regulation


Partial List of Upcoming Online Programs Include:

  • July: Principles of Sports Wagering; Custom Sports Wagering Courses
  • August: Investigative Licensing; Pre-Licensing Financial & Background Investigations
  • September: Auditing; Essentials of Gaming Law October: Creating an Effective Compliance Program; Regulatory and Technical Compliance - An Introduction
  • November: I-gaming Basics; I-gaming Operations and Sports Wagering for Tribal Organizations
  • September – December: Custom seminars for public and private organizations on sports wagering, public policy, regulatory policy and gaming compliance.

Visit the ICGR website for more information.

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