IAGR e-Gambling Guidelines

Good practice guidance to those jurisdictions which permit e-gambling

The IAGR Technical Standards Sub-Committee has identified and established these guidelines that are intended to provide good practice in key areas of eGambling (online/remote) regulation. It could be used as a checklist for jurisdictions new to this form of gambling to ensure they have addressed the main areas of eGambling regulation. This document is not intended to be a universally endorsed approach for regulating eGambling as each jurisdiction may have unique requirements and its own national laws and regulations and international obligations.

The 2018 report is the culmination of Sub-Committee Members' work to review and update the inaugural 2008 eGambling Guidelines.

Our e-Gambling Guidelines cover the following aspects:

  • Customer registration and accounts
  • Customer protection
  • Generation of random outcomes
  • Gambling guidelines (game guidelines, betting guidelines [in development])
  • Jackpot guidelines
  • System disclosure guidelines
  • Security guidelines
  • Data logging guidelines
  • Shut down and recovery
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Anti-money laundering guidelines

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