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We produce two webinars a year on topics of interest to gambling regulators

Children in gambling: using regulation to drive parent power

Tim Miller, Executive Director for Corporate Affairs and Research at the UK Gambling Commission discusses the Gambling Commission's research that shows more children gamble than become involved in drinking, smoking and drug taking The research highlights the role that parents play in developing young people's attitudes towards gambling. The webinar covers:

  • Why regulators should recognise and embrace their limitations
  • How working in partnership with parents can increase regulatory impact, and
  • The importance of being a human being as well as a regulator. 


Broadcast 14 June 2017

Special thanks to iGaming Business Magazine for providing IAGR with the technology necessary to conduct this webinar.


Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario Case Study:  Evolving How We Assess Gaming Systems and Equipment

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) hosted an International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) Webinar Series event discussing Ontario’s approach to assessing new gaming systems and equipment.  The AGCO’s lab evaluates computerized electronic games and gaming systems proposed for use in Ontario to ensure that they comply with Ontario legislation, meet AGCO gaming standards, and do not suffer issues caused by other technical and regulatory risks.  The lab is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 to perform its assessments, and has a mandate to provide expert technical services to support the regulation of gaming technology in Ontario in accordance with the principles of integrity and public interest.


  • Presentation file
  • Audio file linked above.  If you did not participate in the live event, please click the link to the audio-file above.  You will need to still register with M-Cast and then log in to access the archived audio file.  Please note:  the audio file will only be hosted/supported by M-Cast through October 2017.

This webinar event will provide regulators with an understanding of:

  • Ontario’s modern regulatory approach to regulating gaming in the province)
  • The AGCO’s lab, its processes and how it maintains assessment capabilities “in-house”)
  • The AGCO’s engagement-centred technical assessment process which supports industry collaboration in the assessment process
  • How the AGCO is working with the gaming industry to prepare for upcoming evolutions in gaming products including the growth of iGaming, new social casino games and skill-based gaming products.


  • Tom Mungham, Chief Operating Officer (AGCO)
  • Sukhi Grewal, Director – Technical Laboratory Services Branch (AGCO)
  • Karl Rempel, Manager – Technical Laboratory Services Branch (AGCO)
  • Earl Cobb, Director of Product Planning and Supply Chain (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation)

Broadcast 30 November 2016

The Future of Digital Betting: eSports and Skin Betting

Mark McGuinness, eSports Betting Futurologist for Mainstream Marketing & Communications Ltd, discusses how eSports could be the next big betting product vertical for mainstream sportsbook operators. He explains why today’s eSports loving millennials are already engaging with different betting related products.

Mark McGuinness has more than 15 years’ experience in digital marketing director roles. He is the resident eSports Betting Futurologist for Isle of Man-based Mainstream Marketing & Communications Ltd, a digital marketing agency offering business and marketing advice on eSports, bitcoin, social gaming, igaming and land-based gambling.

Broadcast 5 April 2016

Special thanks to iGaming Business Magazine for providing IAGR with the technology necessary to conduct this webinar.

Remote gambling regulation: what causes black markets and how they can be prevented

A founding Partner of gambling consultancy Regulus Partners, Paul Leyland will be focusing his presentation upon the market, regulatory and fiscal causes of black markets in regulated jurisdictions and how they can be prevented, drawing upon European and US experiences.

Regulus Partners is a UK based strategic consultancy focused on international gambling and related industries, with nine Partners and consultants each bringing varied industry backgrounds and experience. They work with large and small operators, start-ups, suppliers, governments and regulators. They have in-depth knowledge of international remote and land-based gambling markets, their participants, technology providers and regulatory frameworks and work with the Gambling Commission in the UK.

Paul was an Equity Analyst in the City for over 10 years working for a number of investment banks and was among the first to be focused on the gambling sector. He has researched and reported on small and large gambling company stocks, as well as advising many companies in relation to strategy, stock market flotation and mergers/acquisitions.

Paul then moved into the gambling industry, as Corporate Development Director for leading gambling company William Hill, advising on retail strategy, regulatory issues, the racing industry, supply chain management, and mergers and acquisitions. Paul co-founded Regulus Partners in 2013.

Broadcast 13 August 2015

Special thanks to iGaming Business Magazine for providing IAGR with the technology necessary to conduct this webinar.

Understanding the impacts of Asian betting markets: Why is Asia so relevant to the rest of the world?

In this webinar, Professor David Forrest offers insight into how Asian markets operate and their potential impacts on betting markets in your jurisdictions. David explains how the hierarchical structures found in Asian markets have adapted to the online world. How at the top level four online ‘supra-national operators’ aggregate bets worth billions of dollars from a vast network of intermediaries and agents. He offers insight into how these ‘supra-nationals’ impact on betting markets and sports betting integrity/match-fixing.

The webinar offers you the opportunity to not only increase your understanding of how these markets operate but also to further explore the implications for sports betting integrity with David, who is recognised as one of the leading world experts in this field.

Speaking notes from this webinar

David Forrest is Professor of Economics in the University of Liverpool Management School, UK, and Honorary Professor, Macau Polytechnic Institute. He trained as an applied economist and econometrician at the University of Western Ontario and has published a substantial volume of research in his two specialisms, the economics of sport and the economics of gambling behaviour. With partners, he has produced reports on the threat to sport from match-fixing. Other public service roles have included being academic lead for an official British prevalence survey of gambling and problem gambling among adolescents and serving as a member of the research experts’ panel of the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board.

Broadcast 20 March 2015

Special thanks to iGaming Business Magazine for providing IAGR with the technology necessary to conduct this webinar.

iGaming Age & Identity Verification: What Regulators Need to Know

Éamonn Toland, President, Paddy Power North America, discusses how iGaming age and identify verification is carried out by operators providing an important opportunity for regulators, particularly those in North America where iGaming is relatively new, to learn the intricacies of these important online gaming safeguards. 

Formed in 1988, Paddy Power is one of the world’s leading online betting and gaming groups. Started in 1988 as a small chain of Irish betting shops, Paddy Power plc has become one of the largest online gaming companies globally, growing 25% per annum for the past decade in legal, regulated markets around the world, with a $4 billion market capitalisation, no debt and more than $250m in cash on the balance sheet.

Éamonn Toland was appointed President, Paddy Power North America in 2012, responsible for identifying and managing opportunities for the group. Paddy Power has never advertised or accepted play from the United States, either before or after UIGEA. They received a finding of suitability from the Nevada Gaming Control Board in 2012. Prior to becoming President for North America, Éamonn ran the $450m turnover telephone betting channel for Paddy Power for nearly 5 years. Before joining Paddy Power he worked as a management consultant with Accenture and McKinsey & Co and as a financial analyst with Unilever and Coca-Cola Schweppes Beverages.

Éamonn is a graduate of St. Hugh’s College, Oxford (Modern History and Economics) and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

Broadcast 18 June 2014

Special thanks to iGaming Business Magazine for providing IAGR with the technology necessary to conduct this webinar.


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